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Our Services

Recruitment, Evaluation & Training
SAPCONET effectively sources and evaluates quality resources. Its resource development model relies heavily on facilitated training; it is therefore a natural progression to offer these services to clients. The evaluation and training aspects extend beyond software development and support.
Development & Support
SAPCONETs primary offering comprises SAP software development and support services across the entire spectrum of SAP development topics. Further value is added through its strong systems integration and interface specialty. In particular, the group has highly developed skills in SCM & logistics with a strong track record of creating and maintaining complex suites of integration applications in this area. SAPCONET offers capability in C# .NET development, Java, VB, C++, Jscript and VBScript scripting.
SAPCONET offers project management and team leadership services with expertise in SAP software development projects. The SAPCONET management team includes a team leader and a project manager who have been involved in several upgrade projects since SAP release 3.1 up to the latest technical upgrades in Netweaver, ECC 6 & SCM 5.
Research & Development
Rapid advances in SAP software demand that consulting groups continually update their software knowledge and awareness in order to remain informed and develop capacity. SAPCONET has made research and development part of its daily function. This discovery, mapping, exploration, prototyping, demonstration, evaluation and tracking of technologies can be provided as a service in partnership.
Enterprise Architecture

An increasing focus on service orientation within enterprise IT resulted in enterprise architecture (EA) becoming progressively more important in the industry. When SAP adopted an enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (eSOA) strategy the spotlight on enterprise architecture in organisations running SAP intensified. As such, the topics of EA and in particular eSOA have become an essential focus and software developers must now consider the architectural implications of all development.

SAPCONET boasts strong skills and independent certification in contemporary SOA thinking as well as a wealth of practical experience in SAP specific SOA implementation in the enterprise.

Quality Evaluation-Assurance
Quality Evaluation & Assurance
Quality and conformity to standards and best practice form an important component in the delivery of SAPCONET services. Where SAPCONET provides the full complement of its services these are embedded in the day-to-day delivery of these services. This is possible through the integration of the different roles of each service via a broad understanding of the architectural imperatives ingrained in EA methodologies and entrenched in the training methodology. The disciplines inherent in the corresponding techniques and management service methods add additional operational support. This approach lends itself to fairly objective, robust and practical application of quality assurance as a standalone service.
Project Delivery
SAPCONET offers a full project delivery service using all its service offering components. The project management services are delivered within the framework of the PMBOK methodology.

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