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SAPCONET is able to deliver a wide range of IT solutions. Our specialties include technical SAP services, integration of different systems, in-house training as well as project management.

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SAP Consulting demystified

SAP Consulting demystified

SAP is the largest ERP software provider and one of the biggest software companies in the world. SAP currently has over 350 000 customers and 87% of the Forbes global 2000 companies run SAP. They have a comprehensive portfolio of ERP products including the next generation technologies such internet of Things, Big Data, block-chain, in-memory data, real-time analytics, mobile and cloud computing.

What is ERP?

ERP Software integrates all the core business processes such as finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, services, asset management, marketing and procurement in one system. It uses the latest technologies to provide automation, accessibility, visibility, analytics and efficiency across every aspect of a business. In simple terms an ERP is a system which allows the business to run simpler and better.

SAP Processes are designed based on industry best practices, however all companies have unique requirements.

SAP Consulting and consulting ‘houses‘ like SAPCONET are needed to either implement new SAP products or enhancing products already implemented at the client.

SAP Consultants use their expertise and specialist knowledge to make sure the client is getting the most from their SAP products and adapting as they grow.

There are two main streams of SAP consultants namely Functional Consultants and Technical Consultants:

Functional Consultants are more business oriented and their duties include tasks such as system/business analysis, customizing, project management, testing and training. These consultants usually specialize in one specific process such as financial accounting, production, logistics or governance.

Technical Consultants have a wide variety of options such as to program additional software and processes in SAP’s language called ABAP, for integrating SAP with external systems, automating existing processes with workflows, administrating the system and working with Business Intelligence and data analytics.

The winning recipe for SAP consultants is a combination of leadership, business skills, technical skills as well as soft skills. Consultants end up working in a wide range of industries and learn skills which are not just relevant to one company, but to most of the large companies in the world. –

Due to a general shortage in the market, SAP consultants are in HIGH DEMAND.